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Last Cycling Ride – Day 9

LAST CYCLING RIDE - DAY 9 BACK TO THE CIVILIZATION After a couple hours of riding we finally got to Dadès Gorge. Berbers built many kasbahs in vicinity of gorges with defence purposes. These many kasbahs together with the natural beauty of the place have contributed to make it a tourist attraction in recent years. After that [...]

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Cycling to Gorges of Dades – Day 8

CYCLING TO THE GORGES OF DADES - DAY 8 TROUBLES WITH A STOMACHACHE This day when we were about start cycling to the Gorges of Dades, Marcelo woke up with a stomachache. He just could not go to the bathroom. We set on hoping that the things will get better. We passed several [...]

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Cycling to Anergui – Day 5

CYCLING TO ANERGUI (DAY 5) A SHORT BUT TUFF ROAD WHILE CYCLING TO ANERGUI We were waiting for cycling to Anergui with a respect and expectations. Respect - It is only 30 km, but the canyon route passed in the river basin. The river name was Melloul and it is almost impossible to [...]

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Atlas mountain biking adventure – Day 3

ATLAS MOUNTAIN BIKING ADVENTURE (DAY 3) - ZAOUIAT AHANSAL INTO THE HEART OF THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS Today’s destiny is Zaouiat Ahensal. Starting early in the morning and the first 15 kms were very easy a comfortable while passing through several small villages like Tabant, Imelghas, Ikhf-n-Ighir. We bought some water and sweets in [...]

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Cycling Atlas mountains in Morocco – Day 2

CYCLING ATLAS MOUNTAINS (DAY 2) - TIMIT AFTER THE FIRST NIGHT We slept well and dry. It was very early in the morning when we gave thanks, said goodbye to the old women and started cycling the mountains again. The air was fresh, blue sky and the the first shines of the sun [...]

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Cycling the Morocco Atlas Mountains – Day 1

MARRAKESH & ATLAS MOUNTAINS CYCLING TRIP - DAY 1 ARRIVAL IN MARRAKESH Very late of September of 2014 starts our Atlas mountains cycling trip. We packed your bicycles and flew to Marrakesh to explore in ten days Atlas Mountains and get to know a Berber culture that is so significance to this region. [...]

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