We slept well and dry. It was very early in the morning when we gave thanks, said goodbye to the old women and started cycling the mountains again. The air was fresh, blue sky and the the first shines of the sun were glazing peaks of the Atlas mountains. Everything was so pure. The altitude was high, we could almost touch the peaks of the neighbor mountains. We were deep in the lost valleys of Atlas. While ascending to the village called Tirsal we met people on donkeys and trucks full of people trying to descend.


Tirsal is a small adobe village with green fields down by the river. We we got lost couple of times and had to pass through the village to continue. We felt again like extraterrestrials, some kids were even throwing some stones against us. Finally we passed through the village and we started to climb again to the mountain pass Tizi n´Tighist. We had beautiful views while starting almost 20 km long descent. We were very happy about the descent as we were almost one and half day only climbing up the hill but the descent was pretty long, the sun was at its best moment of the day and the light wind was blowing our minds.


When we got to the first village we found a gite d’etape and we asked a man for a tea. We just needed to drink something and to hide away from the sun. And the man said: “Okay, do you want to eat?” We said: “Yeaaaaaah” We entered to his house, he prepared us a typical Morocco tea made of mint and green tea after we ate and had a nap. It was a very good moment of the day. On the right spot in the right time. Trying to ask how much was the meal our host replied: “You pay me whatever you want to.” We paid him whatever we wanted. After that we started to approach to Timit. Our destiny of this day. It was a nice place to stay and as it was October, very few people stood overnight. The treat of the owner was perfect and the cous cous was just perfect, as well as this day of cycling in Atlas mountains. Thanks Youssef, we felt very  comfortable in your Maison Imazighne Sidi Moussa.